This function lists all Graph, SharePoint or Exchange permissions required for the specified resources, both for reading/updating and Delegated/Applications. With the parameters, you can specify a specific subset of permissions, to be use with the Permissions parameter of Update-M365DSCAzureAdApplication.


This function outputs information as the following type: System.Collections.Hashtable


Parameter Required DataType Default Value Allowed Values Description
ResourceNameList True String[] An array of resource names for which the permissions should be determined.
PermissionType False String Delegated, Application
AccessType False String Read, Update Specifies the workload of the permissions that need to get returned.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

Get-M365DSCCompiledPermissionList -ResourceNameList @('EXOAcceptedDomain')

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

Get-M365DSCCompiledPermissionList -ResourceNameList (Get-M365DSCAllResources)

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 3 --------------------------

Get-M365DSCCompiledPermissionList -ResourceNameList (Get-M365DSCAllResources) -PermissionType 'Application' -AccessType 'Update'

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 4 --------------------------

Get-M365DSCCompiledPermissionList -ResourceNameList (Get-M365DSCAllResources) -PermissionType 'Delegated' -AccessType 'Read'