Parameter Attribute DataType Description Allowed Values
DisplayName Key String Specifies a display name for the role definition.
Id Write String Specifies Id for the role definition.
Description Write String Specifies a description for the role definition.
ResourceScopes Write StringArray[] Specifies the resource scopes for the role definition.
IsEnabled Required Boolean Specifies whether the role definition is enabled.
RolePermissions Required StringArray[] Specifies permissions for the role definition.
TemplateId Write String Specifies template id for the role definition.
Version Write String Specifies version for the role definition.
Ensure Write String Specify if the Azure AD Role definition should exist or not. Present, Absent
Credential Write PSCredential Credentials of the Azure AD Admin
ApplicationId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory application to authenticate with.
TenantId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory tenant used for authentication.
ApplicationSecret Write PSCredential Secret of the Azure Active Directory application to authenticate with.
CertificateThumbprint Write String Thumbprint of the Azure Active Directory application's authentication certificate to use for authentication.
ManagedIdentity Write Boolean Managed ID being used for authentication.



This resource configures an Azure Active Directory role definition. To configure custom roles you require an Azure AD Premium P1 license. The account used to configure role definitions based on this resource needs either to be a "Global Administrator" or a "Privileged role administrator".


Example 1

This example is used to test new resources and showcase the usage of new resources being worked on. It is not meant to use as a production baseline.

Configuration Example
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Microsoft365DSC

    node localhost
        AADRoleDefinition 'AADRoleDefinition1'
            DisplayName                   = "DSCRole1"
            Description                   = "DSC created role definition"
            ResourceScopes                = "/"
            IsEnabled                     = $true
            RolePermissions               = "microsoft.directory/applicationPolicies/allProperties/read","microsoft.directory/applicationPolicies/allProperties/update","microsoft.directory/applicationPolicies/basic/update"
            Version                       = "1.0"
            Ensure                        = "Present"
            Credential                    = $credsGlobalAdmin