Parameter Attribute DataType Description Allowed Values
GroupDisplayName Write String Group Displayname of the group the policys are assigned to
GroupId Write String GroupId, alternatively to Group Displayname
PolicyType Write String Teams PolicyType. The type of the policy to be assigned. Possible values: CallingLineIdentity, TeamsAppSetupPolicy, TeamsAudioConferencingPolicy, TeamsCallingPolicy, TeamsCallParkPolicy, TeamsChannelsPolicy, TeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy, TenantDialPlan, TeamsMeetingBroadcastPolicy, TeamsMeetingPolicy, TeamsMessagingPolicy, TeamsShiftsPolicy, TeamsUpdateManagementPolicy, TeamsVerticalPackagePolicy
PolicyName Write String Teams PolicyName. The name of the policy to be assigned.
Priority Key String Teams Priority. The rank of the policy assignment, relative to other group policy assignments for the same policy type
Ensure Write String Present ensures the group policy assignment exists, absent ensures it is removed. Present, Absent
Credential Write PSCredential Credentials of the Teams Admin
ApplicationId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory application to authenticate with.
TenantId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory tenant used for authentication.
CertificateThumbprint Write String Thumbprint of the Azure Active Directory application's authentication certificate to use for authentication.


This resource is used to assign Teams policy to a specified group


Microsoft Graph

To authenticate with the Microsoft Graph API, this resource required the following permissions:

Delegated permissions

  • Read

    • None
  • Update

    • None

Application permissions

  • Read

    • None
  • Update

    • None


Example 1

This examples configure a TeamsGroupPolicyAssignment.

Configuration Example
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]

    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Microsoft365DSC

    node localhost
        TeamsGroupPolicyAssignment 'TeamsGroupPolicyAssignment'
            Ensure           = 'Present'
            GroupDisplayname = 'SecGroup'
            GroupId          = ''
            PolicyName       = 'AllowCalling'
            PolicyType       = 'TeamsCallingPolicy'
            Priority         = 1
            Credential       = $credsGlobalAdmin