This function compares a created export with the specified M365DSC Blueprint


This function does not generate any output.


Parameter Required DataType Default Value Allowed Values Description
BluePrintUrl True String Specifies the url to the blueprint to which the tenant should be compared.
OutputReportPath True String Specifies the path of the report that will be created.
Credentials True PSCredential Specifies the credentials that will be used for authentication.
HeaderFilePath False String Specifies that file that contains a custom header for the report.
Type False String HTML HTML, JSON
ExcludedProperties False String[] Specifies the name of parameters that should not be assessed as part of the report. The names will speficied will apply to all resources where they are encountered.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

Assert-M365DSCBlueprint -BluePrintUrl 'C:\DS\blueprint.m365' -OutputReportPath 'C:\DSC\BlueprintReport.html'

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

Assert-M365DSCBlueprint -BluePrintUrl 'C:\DS\blueprint.m365' -OutputReportPath 'C:\DSC\BlueprintReport.html' -Credentials $credentials -HeaderFilePath 'C:\DSC\ReportCustomHeader.html'