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What is Microsoft365DSC?

Microsoft365DSC is the most comprehensive and complete solution to have your Microsoft 365 tenant configuration simple and stable. It's an Open-Source initiative hosted on GitHub, lead by Microsoft engineers and maintained by the community.

Export your configuration


Microsoft365DSC is the very first PowerShell project that natively supports ReverseDSC. This means that by simply installing the module, you are able to leverage ReverseDSC to extract the entire configuration of any existing tenants.

Monitor your configuration


If something changes in your tenant's configuration, the continous monitoring feature of Microsoft365DSC, will automatically detect a drift and can act upon it, like fixing it, logging the drift or notifying admins via email.

Assess your configuration


Assess any Microsoft 365 tenant against a known good configuration and generate a discrepency report. Microsoft365DSC makes it feasible for organizations to validate the configuration of their existing Microsoft 365 tenant against industry's best practices with a single line command.