What is Microsoft365DSC?

Microsoft365DSC is the most comprehensive and complete solution to have your Microsoft 365 tenant configuration simple and stable. It's an Open-Source initiative hosted on GitHub, led by Microsoft engineers and maintained by the community.

Automate Configuration Changes


Automate your Change Management processes for your Microsoft 365 environments by maintaining a single declarative configuration file to manage all of your workloads.

Take Configuration Snapshots of Existing Microsoft 365 Tenants


Microsoft365DSC allows you to take snapshots of the current configuration of any existing Microsoft 365 tenant.

Monitor your configuration


If something changes in your tenant's configuration, the continous monitoring feature of Microsoft365DSC, will automatically detect a drift and can act upon it, like fixing it, logging the drift or notifying admins via email.

Compare the Configurations of Two or More Tenants


Compare the configurations of any tenants and generate a report listing all differences between the environments.