This function creates a delta HTML report between two provided exported DSC configurations


This function does not generate any output.


Parameter Required DataType Default Value Allowed Values Description
Source True String The source DSC configuration to compare from.
Destination True String The destination DSC configuration to compare with.
OutputPath False String The output path of the delta report.
DriftOnly False Boolean Specifies that only difference should be in the report.
IsBlueprintAssessment False Boolean Specifies that the report is a comparison with a Blueprint.
HeaderFilePath False String Specifies that file that contains a custom header for the report.
Delta False Array An array with difference, already compiled from another source.
Type False String HTML HTML, JSON
ExcludedProperties False Array Array that contains the list of parameters to exclude.
ExcludedResources False Array Array that contains the list of resources to exclude.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

New-M365DSCDeltaReport -Source 'C:\DSC\Source.ps1' -Destination 'C:\DSC\Destination.ps1' -OutputPath 'C:\Dsc\DeltaReport.html'

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

New-M365DSCDeltaReport -Source 'C:\DSC\Source.ps1' -Destination 'C:\DSC\Destination.ps1' -OutputPath 'C:\Dsc\DeltaReport.html' -DriftOnly $true