Contribution guidelines

Microsoft365DSC is an Open-Source initiative lead by Microsoft engineers and maintained by the community and open for new ideas as well as for volunteers helping us make it even better and better. Therefore, if you are interested in contributing to this project, we'd like you to read through the contribution guidelines so you know how to contribute to this project.

You have a new idea for Microsoft365DSC

Great, we always love to add more features and capabilities to Microsoft365DSC But in case that there is already the same or a similar idea listed in our issue list we would like you to check that list before you submit a new issue. If your ideas is not in that list, then please add a new issue in the issue list of type Feature request and fill out the form with your idea (please describe it as precise as possible so we have a clear understanding what you want to achieve with it).

NOTE: If you want to add the idea or feature to the project yourself, please just state that in the issue form.

You have found a bug in Microsoft365DSC

We try our best to avoid any bugs, but sometimes they do happen though. So if you encounter a bug while using Microsoft365DSC please check if that bug is already part of our issue list and if not we would like to know what problems you encountered. So feel free to add a new issue of type Bug report in the issue list along with information about the bug itself and how to reproduce it. If there is anything unclear to us or we cannot reproduce the bug, we will ask you for clarification to get things sorted out.

Fixing typos

Typos are embarrassing! Most PR's that fix typos will be accepted immediately. In order to make it easier to review the PR, please narrow the focus instead of sending a huge PR of fixes.

DO's & DON'Ts

  • DO follow the same project and test structure as the existing project.
  • DO include tests when adding new functionality and features. When fixing bugs, start with adding a test that highlights how the current behavior is broken.
  • DO keep discussions focused. When a new or related topic comes up it's often better to create new issue than to side track the conversation.
  • DO NOT submit PR's for coding style changes.
  • DO NOT surprise us with big PR's. Instead file an issue & start a discussion so we can agree on a direction before you invest a large amount of time.
  • DO NOT commit code you didn't write.
  • DO NOT submit PR's that refactor existing code without a discussion first.