Parameter Attribute DataType Description Allowed Values
EmergencyDialString Write String Specifies the emergency phone number.
EmergencyDialMask Write String For each Teams emergency number, you can specify zero or more emergency dial masks. A dial mask is a number that you want to translate into the value of the emergency dial number value when it is dialed.
OnlinePSTNUsage Write String Specify the online public switched telephone network (PSTN) usage
Identity Key String Identity of the Teams Emergency Call Routing Policy.
Description Write String Description of the Teams Emergency Call Routing Policy.
EmergencyNumbers Write InstanceArray[] Emergency number(s) associated with the policy.
AllowEnhancedEmergencyServices Write Boolean Flag to enable Enhanced Emergency Services
Ensure Write String Present ensures the policy exists, absent ensures it is removed. Present, Absent
Credential Required PSCredential Credentials of the Teams Admin.



This resource configures the Teams Emergency Call Routing Policies.

More information:


Example 1

This example adds a new Teams Emergency Call Routing Policy.

Configuration Example
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Microsoft365DSC

    node localhost
        TeamsEmergencyCallRoutingPolicy 'EmergencyCallRoutingPolicyExample'
            Identity                       = "Unit Test"
            AllowEnhancedEmergencyServices = $False
            Description                    = "Description"
            EmergencyNumbers               = @(
                    EmergencyDialString = '123456'
                    EmergencyDialMask   = '123'
                    OnlinePSTNUsage     = ''
            Ensure                         = "Present"
            Credential                     = $credsGlobalAdmin