Parameter Attribute DataType Description Allowed Values
DisplayName Key String Display name of the device configuration policy for iOS.
Description Write String Description of the device configuration policy for iOS.
AccountBlockModification Write Boolean N/A
ActivationLockAllowWhenSupervised Write Boolean N/A
AirDropBlocked Write Boolean N/A
AirDropForceUnmanagedDropTarget Write Boolean N/A
AirPlayForcePairingPasswordForOutgoingRequests Write Boolean N/A
AppleWatchBlockPairing Write Boolean N/A
AppleWatchForceWristDetection Write Boolean N/A
AppleNewsBlocked Write Boolean N/A
AppsVisibilityList Write StringArray[] N/A
AppsVisibilityListType Write String N/A
AppStoreBlockAutomaticDownloads Write Boolean N/A
AppStoreBlocked Write Boolean N/A
AppStoreBlockInAppPurchases Write Boolean N/A
AppStoreBlockUIAppInstallation Write Boolean N/A
AppStoreRequirePassword Write Boolean N/A
BluetoothBlockModification Write Boolean N/A
CameraBlocked Write Boolean N/A
CellularBlockDataRoaming Write Boolean N/A
CellularBlockGlobalBackgroundFetchWhileRoaming Write Boolean N/A
CellularBlockPerAppDataModification Write Boolean N/A
CellularBlockVoiceRoaming Write Boolean N/A
CertificatesBlockUntrustedTlsCertificates Write Boolean N/A
ClassroomAppBlockRemoteScreenObservation Write Boolean N/A
CompliantAppsList Write StringArray[] N/A
CompliantAppListType Write String N/A
ConfigurationProfileBlockChanges Write Boolean N/A
DefinitionLookupBlocked Write Boolean N/A
DeviceBlockEnableRestrictions Write Boolean N/A
DeviceBlockEraseContentAndSettings Write Boolean N/A
DeviceBlockNameModification Write Boolean N/A
DiagnosticDataBlockSubmission Write Boolean N/A
DiagnosticDataBlockSubmissionModification Write Boolean N/A
DocumentsBlockManagedDocumentsInUnmanagedApps Write Boolean N/A
DocumentsBlockUnmanagedDocumentsInManagedApps Write Boolean N/A
EmailInDomainSuffixes Write StringArray[] N/A
EnterpriseAppBlockTrust Write Boolean N/A
EnterpriseAppBlockTrustModification Write Boolean N/A
FaceTimeBlocked Write Boolean N/A
FindMyFriendsBlocked Write Boolean N/A
GamingBlockGameCenterFriends Write Boolean N/A
GamingBlockMultiplayer Write Boolean N/A
GameCenterBlocked Write Boolean N/A
HostPairingBlocked Write Boolean N/A
iBooksStoreBlocked Write Boolean N/A
iBooksStoreBlockErotica Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockActivityContinuation Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockBackup Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockDocumentSync Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockManagedAppsSync Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockPhotoLibrary Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockPhotoStreamSync Write Boolean N/A
iCloudBlockSharedPhotoStream Write Boolean N/A
iCloudRequireEncryptedBackup Write Boolean N/A
iTunesBlockExplicitContent Write Boolean N/A
iTunesBlockMusicService Write Boolean N/A
iTunesBlockRadio Write Boolean N/A
KeyboardBlockAutoCorrect Write Boolean N/A
KeyboardBlockPredictive Write Boolean N/A
KeyboardBlockShortcuts Write Boolean N/A
KeyboardBlockSpellCheck Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowAssistiveSpeak Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowAssistiveTouchSettings Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowAutoLock Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowColorInversionSettings Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowRingerSwitch Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowScreenRotation Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowSleepButton Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowTouchscreen Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowVoiceOverSettings Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowVolumeButtons Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAllowZoomSettings Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeAppStoreUrl Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeRequireAssistiveTouch Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeRequireColorInversion Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeRequireMonoAudio Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeRequireVoiceOver Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeRequireZoom Write Boolean N/A
KioskModeManagedAppId Write Boolean N/A
LockScreenBlockControlCenter Write Boolean N/A
LockScreenBlockNotificationView Write Boolean N/A
LockScreenBlockPassbook Write Boolean N/A
LockScreenBlockTodayView Write Boolean N/A
MediaContentRatingAustralia Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingCanada Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingFrance Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingGermany Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingIreland Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingJapan Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingNewZealand Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingUnitedKingdom Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingUnitedStates Write String N/A
MediaContentRatingApps Write String N/A
messagesBlocked Write Boolean N/A
NotificationsBlockSettingsModification Write Boolean N/A
PasscodeBlockFingerprintUnlock Write Boolean N/A
PasscodeBlockModification Write Boolean N/A
PasscodeBlockSimple Write Boolean N/A
PasscodeExpirationDays Write String N/A
PasscodeMinimumLength Write UInt32 N/A
PasscodeMinutesOfInactivityBeforeLock Write String N/A
PasscodeMinutesOfInactivityBeforeScreenTimeout Write String N/A
PasscodeMinimumCharacterSetCount Write String N/A
PasscodePreviousPasscodeBlockCount Write String N/A
PasscodeSignInFailureCountBeforeWipe Write String N/A
PasscodeRequiredType Write String N/A
PasscodeRequired Write Boolean N/A
PodcastsBlocked Write Boolean N/A
SafariBlockAutofill Write Boolean N/A
SafariBlockJavaScript Write Boolean N/A
SafariBlockPopups Write Boolean N/A
SafariBlocked Write Boolean N/A
SafariCookieSettings Write String N/A
SafariManagedDomains Write StringArray[] N/A
SafariPasswordAutoFillDomains Write StringArray[] N/A
SafariRequireFraudWarning Write Boolean N/A
ScreenCaptureBlocked Write Boolean N/A
SiriBlocked Write Boolean N/A
SiriBlockedWhenLocked Write Boolean N/A
SiriBlockUserGeneratedContent Write Boolean N/A
SiriRequireProfanityFilter Write Boolean N/A
SpotlightBlockInternetResults Write Boolean N/A
VoiceDialingBlocked Write Boolean N/A
WallpaperBlockModification Write Boolean N/A
Ensure Write String Present ensures the policy exists, absent ensures it is removed. Present, Absent
Credential Write PSCredential Credentials of the Intune Admin
ApplicationId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory application to authenticate with.
TenantId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory tenant used for authentication.
ApplicationSecret Write String Secret of the Azure Active Directory tenant used for authentication.
CertificateThumbprint Write String Thumbprint of the Azure Active Directory application's authentication certificate to use for authentication.
ManagedIdentity Write Boolean Managed ID being used for authentication.



This resource configures an Intune device configuration profile for an iOS Device.


Example 1

This example creates a new Device Configuration Policy for iOS.

Configuration Example
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Microsoft365DSC

    node localhost
        IntuneDeviceConfigurationPolicyiOS 'ConfigureDeviceConfigurationPolicyiOS'
            DisplayName                                    = "iOS DSC Policy"
            AccountBlockModification                       = $False
            ActivationLockAllowWhenSupervised              = $False
            AirDropBlocked                                 = $False
            AirDropForceUnmanagedDropTarget                = $False
            AirPlayForcePairingPasswordForOutgoingRequests = $False
            AppleNewsBlocked                               = $False
            AppleWatchBlockPairing                         = $False
            AppleWatchForceWristDetection                  = $False
            AppStoreBlockAutomaticDownloads                = $False
            AppStoreBlocked                                = $False
            AppStoreBlockInAppPurchases                    = $False
            AppStoreBlockUIAppInstallation                 = $False
            AppStoreRequirePassword                        = $False
            AppsVisibilityList                             = @()
            AppsVisibilityListType                         = "none"
            BluetoothBlockModification                     = $True
            CameraBlocked                                  = $False
            CellularBlockDataRoaming                       = $False
            CellularBlockGlobalBackgroundFetchWhileRoaming = $False
            CellularBlockPerAppDataModification            = $False
            CellularBlockVoiceRoaming                      = $False
            CertificatesBlockUntrustedTlsCertificates      = $False
            ClassroomAppBlockRemoteScreenObservation       = $False
            CompliantAppListType                           = "none"
            CompliantAppsList                              = @()
            ConfigurationProfileBlockChanges               = $False
            DefinitionLookupBlocked                        = $False
            Description                                    = "iOS Device Restriction Policy"
            DeviceBlockEnableRestrictions                  = $True
            DeviceBlockEraseContentAndSettings             = $False
            DeviceBlockNameModification                    = $False
            DiagnosticDataBlockSubmission                  = $False
            DiagnosticDataBlockSubmissionModification      = $False
            DocumentsBlockManagedDocumentsInUnmanagedApps  = $False
            DocumentsBlockUnmanagedDocumentsInManagedApps  = $False
            EmailInDomainSuffixes                          = @()
            EnterpriseAppBlockTrust                        = $False
            EnterpriseAppBlockTrustModification            = $False
            FaceTimeBlocked                                = $False
            FindMyFriendsBlocked                           = $False
            GameCenterBlocked                              = $False
            GamingBlockGameCenterFriends                   = $True
            GamingBlockMultiplayer                         = $False
            HostPairingBlocked                             = $False
            iBooksStoreBlocked                             = $False
            iBooksStoreBlockErotica                        = $False
            iCloudBlockActivityContinuation                = $False
            iCloudBlockBackup                              = $True
            iCloudBlockDocumentSync                        = $True
            iCloudBlockManagedAppsSync                     = $False
            iCloudBlockPhotoLibrary                        = $False
            iCloudBlockPhotoStreamSync                     = $True
            iCloudBlockSharedPhotoStream                   = $False
            iCloudRequireEncryptedBackup                   = $False
            iTunesBlockExplicitContent                     = $False
            iTunesBlockMusicService                        = $False
            iTunesBlockRadio                               = $False
            KeyboardBlockAutoCorrect                       = $False
            KeyboardBlockPredictive                        = $False
            KeyboardBlockShortcuts                         = $False
            KeyboardBlockSpellCheck                        = $False
            KioskModeAllowAssistiveSpeak                   = $False
            KioskModeAllowAssistiveTouchSettings           = $False
            KioskModeAllowAutoLock                         = $False
            KioskModeAllowColorInversionSettings           = $False
            KioskModeAllowRingerSwitch                     = $False
            KioskModeAllowScreenRotation                   = $False
            KioskModeAllowSleepButton                      = $False
            KioskModeAllowTouchscreen                      = $False
            KioskModeAllowVoiceOverSettings                = $False
            KioskModeAllowVolumeButtons                    = $False
            KioskModeAllowZoomSettings                     = $False
            KioskModeRequireAssistiveTouch                 = $False
            KioskModeRequireColorInversion                 = $False
            KioskModeRequireMonoAudio                      = $False
            KioskModeRequireVoiceOver                      = $False
            KioskModeRequireZoom                           = $False
            LockScreenBlockControlCenter                   = $False
            LockScreenBlockNotificationView                = $False
            LockScreenBlockPassbook                        = $False
            LockScreenBlockTodayView                       = $False
            MediaContentRatingApps                         = "allAllowed"
            messagesBlocked                                = $False
            NotificationsBlockSettingsModification         = $False
            PasscodeBlockFingerprintUnlock                 = $False
            PasscodeBlockModification                      = $False
            PasscodeBlockSimple                            = $True
            PasscodeMinimumLength                          = 4
            PasscodeRequired                               = $True
            PasscodeRequiredType                           = "deviceDefault"
            PodcastsBlocked                                = $False
            SafariBlockAutofill                            = $False
            SafariBlocked                                  = $False
            SafariBlockJavaScript                          = $False
            SafariBlockPopups                              = $False
            SafariCookieSettings                           = "browserDefault"
            SafariManagedDomains                           = @()
            SafariPasswordAutoFillDomains                  = @()
            SafariRequireFraudWarning                      = $False
            ScreenCaptureBlocked                           = $False
            SiriBlocked                                    = $False
            SiriBlockedWhenLocked                          = $False
            SiriBlockUserGeneratedContent                  = $False
            SiriRequireProfanityFilter                     = $False
            SpotlightBlockInternetResults                  = $False
            VoiceDialingBlocked                            = $False
            WallpaperBlockModification                     = $False
            Ensure                                         = 'Present'
            Credential                                     = $credsGlobalAdmin