Parameter Attribute DataType Description Allowed Values
Identity Key String Identity of the Teams Update Management Policy.
Description Write String The description of the Teams Update Management Policy.
AllowManagedUpdates Write Boolean Determines if managed updates should be allowed or not.
AllowPreview Write Boolean Determines if preview builds should be allowed or not.
AllowPublicPreview Write String Determines the ring of public previews to subscribes to. Disabled, Enabled, Forced, FollowOfficePreview
UpdateDayOfWeek Write UInt32 Determines the day of week to perform the updates. Value shoud be between 0 and 6.
UpdateTime Write String Determines the time of day to perform the updates. Must be a valid HH:MM format string with leading 0. For instance 08:30.
UpdateTimeOfDay Write String Determines the time of day to perform the updates. Accepts a DateTime as string. Only the time will be considered.
UseNewTeamsClient Write String Determines whether or not users will use the new Teams client. NewTeamsAsDefault, UserChoice, MicrosoftChoice, AdminDisabled, NewTeamsOnly
Ensure Write String Present ensures the policy exists, absent ensures it is removed. Present, Absent
Credential Write PSCredential Credentials of the Teams Admin
ApplicationId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory application to authenticate with.
TenantId Write String Name of the Azure Active Directory tenant used for authentication. Format
CertificateThumbprint Write String Thumbprint of the Azure Active Directory application's authentication certificate to use for authentication.
ManagedIdentity Write Boolean Managed ID being used for authentication.
AccessTokens Write StringArray[] Access token used for authentication.


This resource configures the Teams Update policies. For additional information, please refer to


Microsoft Graph

To authenticate with the Microsoft Graph API, this resource required the following permissions:

Delegated permissions

  • Read

    • None
  • Update

    • None

Application permissions

  • Read

    • Organization.Read.All
  • Update

    • Organization.Read.All


Example 1

This example demonstrates how to assign users to a Teams Upgrade Policy.

Configuration Example
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Microsoft365DSC

    node localhost
        TeamsUpdateManagementPolicy TestPolicy
            AllowManagedUpdates  = $False;
            AllowPreview         = $False;
            AllowPublicPreview   = "Enabled";
            Credential           = $Credscredential;
            Description          = "Test";
            Ensure               = "Present";
            Identity             = "MyTestPolicy";
            UpdateDayOfWeek      = 1;
            UpdateTime           = "18:00";
            UpdateTimeOfDay      = "2022-05-06T18:00:00";
            UseNewTeamsClient    = 'MicrosoftChoice'