Parameter Attribute DataType Description Allowed Values
DisplayName Key String Display Name of the Team
Description Write String Description of Team.
GroupID Write String Team group ID, only used to target a Team when duplicated display names occurs.
MailNickName Write String MailNickName of O365 Group associated with Team
Owner Write StringArray[] Owners of the Team
Visibility Write String Visibility of the Team Public, Private, HiddenMembership
AllowAddRemoveApps Write Boolean Allow add or remove apps from the Team.
AllowGiphy Write Boolean Allow giphy in Team.
GiphyContentRating Write String Giphy content rating of the Team. Strict, Moderate
AllowStickersAndMemes Write Boolean Allow stickers and mimes in the Team.
AllowCustomMemes Write Boolean Allow custom memes in Team.
AllowUserEditMessages Write Boolean Allow members to edit messages within Team.
AllowUserDeleteMessages Write Boolean Allow members to delete messages within Team.
AllowOwnerDeleteMessages Write Boolean Allow owners to delete messages within Team.
AllowDeleteChannels Write Boolean Allow members to delete channels within Team.
AllowCreateUpdateRemoveConnectors Write Boolean Allow members to manage connectors within Team.
AllowCreateUpdateRemoveTabs Write Boolean Allow members to manage tabs within Team.
AllowTeamMentions Write Boolean Allow mentions in Team.
AllowChannelMentions Write Boolean Allow channel mention in Team.
AllowGuestCreateUpdateChannels Write Boolean Allow guests to create and update channels in Team.
AllowGuestDeleteChannels Write Boolean Allow guests to delete channel in Team.
AllowCreateUpdateChannels Write Boolean Allow members to create and update channels within Team.
ShowInTeamsSearchAndSuggestions Write Boolean determines whether or not private teams should be searchable from Teams clients for users who do not belong to that team. Set to $false to make those teams not discoverable from Teams clients.
Ensure Write String Present ensures the Team exists, absent ensures it is removed. Present, Absent
Credential Write PSCredential Credentials of the Teams Admin
ApplicationId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory application to authenticate with.
TenantId Write String Id of the Azure Active Directory tenant used for authentication.
CertificateThumbprint Write String Thumbprint of the Azure Active Directory application's authentication certificate to use for authentication.



This resource configures or creates a new Team.

Azure AD Permissions

To authenticate via Azure Active Directory, this resource required the following Application permissions:

  • Automate
  • Microsoft.Graph
    • Group.ReadWrite.All
  • Export
  • Microsoft.Graph
    • Group.ReadAll

NOTE: All permisions listed above require admin consent.

More information:


Example 1

This example is used to test new resources and showcase the usage of new resources being worked on. It is not meant to use as a production baseline.

Configuration Example
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName Microsoft365DSC

    node localhost
        TeamsTeam 'ConfigureTeam'
            DisplayName                       = "Sample3"
            Description                       = "Sample"
            Visibility                        = "Private"
            MailNickName                      = "DSCTeam2"
            AllowUserEditMessages             = $false
            AllowUserDeleteMessages           = $false
            AllowOwnerDeleteMessages          = $false
            AllowTeamMentions                 = $false
            AllowChannelMentions              = $false
            allowCreateUpdateChannels         = $false
            AllowDeleteChannels               = $false
            AllowAddRemoveApps                = $false
            AllowCreateUpdateRemoveTabs       = $false
            AllowCreateUpdateRemoveConnectors = $false
            AllowGiphy                        = $True
            GiphyContentRating                = "strict"
            AllowStickersAndMemes             = $True
            AllowCustomMemes                  = $True
            AllowGuestCreateUpdateChannels    = $true
            AllowGuestDeleteChannels          = $true
            Ensure                            = "Present"
            Credential                        = $credsGlobalAdmin