This function creates a ZIP package with a collection of troubleshooting information, like Verbose logs, M365DSC event log, PowerShell version, OS versions and LCM config. It is also able to anonymize this information (as much as possible), so important information isn't shared.


This function does not generate any output.


Parameter Required DataType Default Value Allowed Values Description
ExportFilePath True String The file path to the ZIP file that should be created.
NumberOfDays False UInt32 7 The number of days of logs that should be exported.
Anonymize False SwitchParameter Specify if the results should be anonymized.
Server True String (Anonymize=True) The server name that should be renamed.
Domain True String (Anonymize=True) The domain that should be renamed.
Url True String (Anonymize=True) The url that should be renamed.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

Export-M365DSCDiagnosticData -ExportFilePath C:\Temp\DSCLogsExport.zip -NumberOfDays 3

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

Export-M365DSCDiagnosticData -ExportFilePath C:\Temp\DSCLogsExport.zip -Anonymize -Server spfe -Domain contoso.com -Url sharepoint.contoso.com